Friday, August 16, 2013

The Final Four by Paul Volponi

The book, The Final Four, was a really good book. I enjoyed reading it and suggest it to people who like to play basketball or who are just looking to read an exciting book. The story starts out with a small Division One college basketball team called the Troy Trojans. This year they are in the annual NCAA college basketball tournament. It’s very interesting because the Troy Trojans are never the ones competing in this competition because they are such a low ranked team. In addition, some of the team’s characters like Malcolm, who is a very competitive basketball player, really want to be one of the players who gets picked first in the NBA draft. Malcolm wants to get into the NBA as soon as possible because he doesn’t want to waste any time before playing for the big crowds. Another character who plays for the Troy Trojans and was introduced in the book is Roko who is from Croatia. He wants to make Croatia proud and represent them as a good basketball player. Another player is Crispin and he is a decent basketball player but he tends to focus more on his love life. Also, another character is M.J. who just wants to get an opportunity to play more for the team because he thinks he can prove people wrong about his abilities. Their whole team is trying to compete and prove people wrong. They just want to prove they can be contenders for the championship.
Oscar E.

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