Friday, August 16, 2013

Hole In My Life by Jack Gantos

Jack Gantos’ book, Hole In My Life, is one of the first biographies he wrote. If you like to read action and suspense this would be a good book to read.Jack moved a lot during his last year of school so it was hard for him to finish that final year. After he graduated, his family was going to move back to his home town which was Puerto Rico. He did not like this idea. He wanted to go to college in Florida because in Puerto Rico it’s not as good as Florida. Months later he decided to come back on his own and rent a place

with a family friend and make some money so he could start school and do what he always wanted. Things started to get difficult and he just couldn't make enough money so he decided to get involved with some wrong activities. This would take about a month sailing a boat with one other person but once this job was done he would have enough money for college plus some extra money to waste. Everything worked out well and he was about to get paid his money but that’s when he ran into some cops who had been looking for him. Everything ended up going to waste and he got nothing.

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