Friday, August 16, 2013

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

I liked the book, Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins because not only was it the sequel to the Hunger Games but also because of how great the book was itself. I really like how the author is continuing the story. She adds greater twists and turns to this story making the games more challenging and crazy. She adds new characters; they seem interesting but you don't get to find out much about them but that was alright. The previous characters from the first book seem changed also but some changed for the better while others had a different side to them you would never have imagined. I really like this book because I was interested in the Hunger Games series when I first read it a couple of years ago. Finally, reading the second book just makes me want to dive into the third right away. I think other students who like adventure and twists would really enjoy this series. I really like the series and how the characters live in a different world than we. Everything they do is futuristic but there are also a lot of survival techniques from the past. This story has a great plot and great twists to keep it interesting. I would recommend anybody read these books.

Jenny N.

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