Friday, August 16, 2013

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

Ellen Hopkins’ book, Impulse, is a book about three troubled teens whose troubled lives have landed them in a hospital where they are attending therapy to deal with their close encounters with death and harming themselves. The book tells the main stories of three of the patients. Tony tries to forget about his painful childhood and being a gay guy who tried to commit suicide. Vanessa keeps a secret from the group and her own family that keeps her going back to cutting herself to try and forget. Conner, the perfect boy, seems to have the perfect life but hides his struggles with his parents, his friends, himself and his obsession with a young girl that led him to try and pull the trigger. These three teens try to deal with their issues and try to let go of all their bad and dangerous habits. This helps them deal with trying to forget their painful lives and save themselves. Here in the hospital they are given a second chance to start over and learn how to cope and deal with their issues and go back to the real world and start living their lives once again in a healthier way. If you’re interested in finding out more in detail what led these teens to go to such extremes just to end their lives then read the book Impulse.
Jazmin A.

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