Friday, August 16, 2013

Enrique's Journey Sonia Nazario

Many of us have relatives who also live far away from us and sometimes we go years without seeing them. Enriques Journey is about a teenage boy who is left behind in Honduras located in South America. His mother, Lourdes, is an illegal immigrant who makes it through to the U.S. and starts taking any cleaning services position. Years pass and Enrique grows older without his mother. He lives with his grandmother and his aunt and uncle. Each time Enrique receives a phone call from his mother he gets upset because he doesn’t get a firm answer from her. He wants her to come back home or to take him where she is because he misses her. Years pass and Enrique is not 13 anymore; he is 17 and he is getting worried his mother might not care about him anymore. So he makes a decision and leaves Honduras and heads up North. I feel he made the right decision because back in Honduras as he was getting older he began stealing from people and doing drugs. His journey wasn’t easy because he got robbed, hit and caught by the Mexican patrol a lot of times. When he finally made it to the U.S. he changed a lot. At one point he did not feel the love from his mother anymore so he was a rebel. I think he acted this way because his mother was gone for almost four years. He just went through a lot of things without her. At the beginning of the book his father was an alcoholic and he abandoned Enrique and Becky for another family. His mother leaves but not to make him suffer because she really wants the best for her kids. Yet many people out there still live this way and for many kids a mother’s love can’t be compared to anything.
Maria P.

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