Friday, August 16, 2013

House Rules by Rachel Sontag

Through the book, House Rules, Sontag tells the unbelievable story of her family and their struggle trying to deal with her father’s obsessive and controlling ways. If you've read the book, A Child Called It, by Dave Pelzer and found it to be an incredible book, than chances are you would enjoy reading House Rules as well. However, unlike the book, A Child Called It, House Rules does not involve physical abuse but instead emotional abuse. Rachel Sontag is writing about her family’s struggle while also demonstrating emotional abuse can be as severe as physical and sexual abuse. House Rules tells about the life of Rachel Sontag, a ten year old girl living with her sister, Jenny, her mother who is a social worker and her father who is a well-respected doctor. Rachel is the type of daughter any parent would love to have. She respects others, does well in school, is involved in activities and does everything she is told to do. While she would be the perfect daughter to one, her father wishes she was never born. Rachel’s father is extremely strict even on topics most wouldn't notice. She is forced to have short hair and nails because, according to her father, it gives her a more respected view from others. If she ever disobeys, she must write him a well written apology letter. This is one of the few unbelievable things he does that makes Rachel feel as if she is in a prison with no escape. If you are curious to find out what else her father makes her go through, I recommend you read House Rules.
Ariana E.

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