Friday, August 16, 2013

Spanking Shakespeare by Jake Wisner

Spanking Shakespeare by Jake Wisner is a really good book to read if you like funny adventures and interesting events. Are you currently in high school and you don’t like many books because you think they are boring? Well you and I have much in common.  Spanking Shakespeare is a book about a teenager who has some problems in high school, like any normal teen does. He is not very popular and doesn’t have a lot of friends. This book has its ups and downs. For example, some of the chapters are really confusing and you need to pay attention in order to understand them. But the good thing is every chapter has something funny Shakespeare Shapiro, the main character of the book, has done or is going to do. I really recommend this book to all students because it’s fun to read and also it helps you solve some of the problems you might have during your high school career.

Antoy D.

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