Friday, August 16, 2013

Fifteen Love by Robert Corbet

Fifteen Love is a book to which many of us could probably relate. The main theme of the book to me would be romance. Two main characters in this book are Will and Mia. Throughout the book feelings change and other characters view things differently but I think that's the point of this story and to me it just got me wanting to read more and to figure out what would happen next. This novel is set up like a diary where each chapter in the book switches and pretty much just talks about how they like each other and the things they do to get each other’s attention. While reading this book it very much reminded me of the high school life and how throughout my four years at this high school in a way I’ve connected to this book. Seeing my friends get crushes or fall in love is a connection I made to this book. Girls gossiping about a cute boy is something I'm sure everyone has gone through and the same when boys gossip about their crush. I think students would like this book because it has a lot of topics and maybe some advice about how to handle situations like this.

Jimena P.

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