Friday, August 16, 2013

Solitary by Alexander Gordon Smith

Alexander Smith’s book, Solitary, is a work of fiction. The book is a sequel to the first book, Lockdown, and this book also keeps you hooked. This book starts where the first book ends and it jumps you right back into the suspenseful and dark story. Alex and his good friend, Zee, made a plan to blow a hole in the cavern floor to finally escape the prison that is buried deeply underground. After fighting the rushing currents that lay below, they finally find an area where they can see light. But while walking toward it they realize it is not a natural light coming from outside but an illuminating light coming from a light bulb. Before they know it they come face to face with a black suit. Alex and Zee are punished by having to spend a whole month in the hole which is a black hole dug only six feet into the ground and about four feet wide. While spending time in the hole they finally have a break through. An unknown figure named Simon opens up Alex and Zee’s hatch to let them out. Simon tells them he needs their help to escape hell on earth. Alex agrees to help and the book goes on to tell of numerous events of them getting essential materials to benefit them in their escape. You stay in great suspense with this book along with the series that relates to it.

Colin W.

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