Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

Ellen Hopkins' book, Impulse, is a fiction book about three teenagers whose lives intersect at a psych hospital. Whether on purpose or by accident, each of them has done something to try and end their life. Conner tried to put a bullet through his chest even though he had the life most kids dream of having. He had money, he got what he wanted when he wanted it and he was popular. But his mother was cold and heartless and never around. Vanessa lived with her nurse grandmother after her mom was put into a psych hospital. When she started to hear the demons her mom always heard, she got into the habit of cutting. Well, she accidently cut too deeply once and it landed her in the psych hospital. Tony grew up in too many places, all of which were bad. He’s gay, trying to get by and he was abused by many of his mother’s boyfriends, so he ran away. When he had nothing left for which to live, he tried to overdose. They all have a challenge to get through and that is to survive. If you have a difficult life just remember there is always someone who cares. This book though is a great read for anyone.

Emily A.

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