Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Scary Fay Books

If you read fay on the title and instantly conjured up images of Tinker Bell, you need to search the depths of your psyche because these fairies are scary and not often kind to humans.
Wicked Lovely by Melissa Mar
There are three rules of survival for Aishlin: Don't stare at invisible fairies, don't speak to invisible fairies and never reveal you possess the power of the seer's sight. The old rules are breaking. Keenan, a powerful and alluring fairy begins to stalk Aishlin. Keenan is actually the Summer King and is determined to make Aishlin his Queen.

Impossible by Nancy Werlin
Lucy Scarborough was raised by her grandmother. At 17 she discovers that the women of her family have been cursed through the generations to perform three seemingly unachievable tasks if they are to break the curse. Lucy is the only one through the generations that won't be alone as she tackles the three tasks. A spellbinding novel!


Tithe a Modern Fairy Tale by Holly Black
Kaye is 16 and living as a nomad, traveling with her mom's rock band. Living from town to town without rules and school, Kaye is unlike most teens. Forced to leave the band they move in with   Kaye's grandmother. This is where she meets Roiben a soldier from the Unseling Court. Kaye has childhood memories of playing with fairies but convinced it was her imagination but the fay did not forget. The Unseling court needs Kaye for their offering but will Roiben let Kaye be sacrificed?

All three of these have been nominated as Abraham Lincoln Awards.

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