Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Such a Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess

Such A Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess is a touching but emotional book. The story starts off with a girl whose name happens to be Meredith. She is a 15 year old girl who was abused by her father since she was a child. When her father, Charles, was sentenced to eight years in prison, the judge promised Meredith eight years of safety but only gave her three. After her father was released from prison, her mother told him to live with her and Meredith. Right away she knew her mother had made an awful decision. 

Almost immediately after her father’s return, Meredith befriends a neighbor, Andy, who gives her a feeling of safety from her home life. As a child, Meredith’s father always called her Chirp. After years of not being called Chirp, her father begins to use that nickname again. Right away, you could tell it really bothered her. At the end of the book, there is a complete one-eighty. This book tells the story of a girl’s survival from her own father and the journey to find who she really is. 

I highly recommend this book to the people who don’t mind thinking about the worst possible situations. After reading this book, it really changed me for the better because it showed me how bad life can be for some people.

Meredith Z.

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