Monday, February 4, 2013

Such a Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess

I like this book because what happens in this book could happen in real life. I love to read true stories and this book has lots of emotional moments. I think other students should read this book because it is an interesting book filled with emotions.

Such a Pretty Girl Book Review

Laura Wiess' book, Such a Pretty Girl, is a book with a story that can actually happen in real life. If you like reading books that have different emotions like sadness, anger, revenge and pain in the soul, you would really want to read this book.

This book is about a girl named Meredith who is a teen who lives with abusive parents. On top of that, Meredith has a boyfriend who is handicapped and he really loves her. Meredith's mom in an alcoholic and her dad is a sex offender. She had been sexually abused by her dad but her mom still didn't do anything to help her. Her dad was promised ten years of prison time for crimes he committed but instead he gets out early. This meant her dad would be able to abuse her again.

Once, while her boyfriend was on a trip to get surgery so he could walk again, Meredith is alone in her house. She knows her dad is going to strike again and sexually abuse her. This time Meredith was prepared. She put cameras in her room so she could have evidence this time. When her dad tried to abuse her again, this time she would have proof which would send her dad back to jail for a long time. Also, her mom was then accused of letting a teen stay alone with a sex offender.

The light was shining in Meredith's life again. She had gotten rid of her two abusive parents and her boyfriend was going to be normal. Finally, she could be happy with the only person who never hurt her...her boyfriend. This book really got my attention in every chapter because it made me think of how this could really happen to any girl in real life which is something I do not want anyone to go through. If you want to find out the ending of this book, I recommend you read Such a Pretty Girl which is full of different emotions that would make you think of your own life which is what it did to me.

Viki Z.

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