Monday, February 4, 2013

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

The book, Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline is a great book overall. The main character must solve puzzles and outsmart other players and enemies in a virtual videogame world which has taken over the lives of many people in the real world. The inventor of the game passed away and left various puzzles and clues which will lead to all of his fortune in the real world and his power in the oasis. And that is a lot considering he was a billionaire.

Wade, the main character, is one of the best at pop culture from the 80's and the puzzles in the game are about that. While making friends and becoming famous along the way, he must fight against time because a large Imperialist Corporate company named the Sixerâs sponsors a team just to solve the puzzle and reach the prize. They do everything possible including cheating and even killing for it. As the contest goes on, Wade and his friends, who vowed never to help each other with the puzzles, team up. They have no other choice as the Sixerâs come dangerously close to solving it and taking over the oasis and all of the power and money earned by finishing the puzzles.

But, not on Wade's watch. He will do everything possible to stop them as he fights in a historic battle. Will he lose and have the Sixerâs take over or will he win and become the most rich and famous person in the world?

Mason A.

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