Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Alex Awards: Written for Adult Readers, But Not Totally Lame

Every year, the American Library Association (yes, there is such an organization) gives out a number of awards for books. There is a branch of the association that is just for librarians who work with teenagers. Yes, a whole branch of the organization made up of people whose job it is to just work with teenagers. It's called YALSA.

So, YALSA has the best awards (in my opinion) because they get to hand out awards for the books that are written for or would appeal to teenagers. How cool is that? Anyway, most of  the awards are for books that are written for a teen audience. But one of their awards, the Alex Awards, are given out  to 10 books that were written for adults, but they are that have special appeal to teenagers.

Most of the titles are usually fiction, but they have some good nonfiction ones mixed in as well. The Alex Awards for 2013 were announced this week and we will be getting a copy of most, if not all of them. Check out the current winners on the YALSA website.The award goes back to 1998 and the awards and covers and descriptions of the winning books are also linked on the site.

Alex Award: Current Winners and Archives

If you want  to see which Alex Award winners the LRC has, just do a search for Alex Award, just go to our library catalog and type in Alex Award.

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