Monday, October 24, 2011

Dare to Scare by Andrew S.

Once upon a time, a little family lived happily in the woods. The dad made money by cutting down wood and piling it in his truck. Then he would make a long journey to a small town called Roseville and sell the wood. He had two kids, named Alex and Tanya, and married a beautiful woman named Karla.
One day Karla was in her favorite flower meadow. It was getting dark and her husband told her never to be in the woods when it was dark. She just kept seeing these awesome flowers and kept picking. When she looked up at the sky, it was dark. She wasn’t very worried, though. She was a brave woman.
In the distance, she saw this faint glow. She could make out that it was in the shape of a flower. She went to check it out. She realized it was just a lone golden flower sitting at the entrance of a huge cave. She approached the cave, desiring that flower. She got to the entrance and was close to the flower. She could probably sell that flower and then they would never have to work again.
She heard a faint snoring in the back of the cave, but she didn’t pay it any mind. Then she heard familiar coming from behind her. It was Alex and Tanya. She snatched the flower and ran off toward them. A huge roar came from the cave and caused a massive earthquake. She got to Alex and Tanya and took each of them and ran back to the house.
When they were safe inside, they saw the husband lying on the table very sick and cold. She asked what happened. Tanya told her he had had a heart attack so they came looking for her. She stood next to him and comforted him. Then, without realizing, she saw she put the flower on his hand. Immediately it started healing him. He felt a million times better. Somehow the flower had healed his sickness. They were overwhelmed with happiness, then
Out of nowhere came a massive lion with three heads. I mean this thing had to be twelve feet with huge heads and foot-long teeth. The lion knocked down the husband, who immediately went silent. The lion bit the two kids’ heads in half. The lion sprouted wings and took Karla and the flower in his mouth.
She was dropped down next to the flower in the familiar spot of the cave. For the rest of eternity she was forced to guard the flower. That was the cause of her family’s death.

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Whoa. Very intense!