Monday, October 24, 2011

Dare to Scare by Maria A.

A real story….

Along time ago, there were two girls that lived in a ranch; there were no lights, no running water, and no streets, it was a small and obscured ranch. It was also away from the city. People in this town needed to be alert and be prepared for something that will change their lives forever.
It all started one night when the two girls went to sleep thinking about their everyday routine. Their routine was that every morning they had to go to the city to buy corn to make tortillas to feed their family.
That night the girls woke up earlier than any other day, they thought that it was time to go to the city to buy the corn, but it was really midnight.
The girls went out and started walking in the middle of the night, they were chatting and they talked about what they would do when they returned from the city.
They got to the river that they crossed every day, when they saw a white blanket hanging in some branches close to the river... Click here for the rest of the story!

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Jen said...

What was the white blanket?? I have to know what the white blanket was!!