Monday, October 24, 2011

Dare to Scare by Angelica M.

“Him” It was a normal evening for me. The sun was setting making me believe that it was going to be another normal day. As I finished cleaning I noticed that it started to drizzle. Mostly I didn’t really notice it until the clouds roared to get my attention. My house shook in the roar and started to vibrate then stopped suddenly. All the lights in my house went out. I went into the kitchen but I felt uneasy like when you pass a graveyard or a dark alley way. As I went for the flashlights something touched my hand gently but still gave me chills. I got out one flashlight and ran upstairs. The first thing I did was close the door and locked it with shaking hands. Then I heard the scream of a young female. I looked outside instantly then a black figure moved. My hands started to tremble even more. Then my home phone rang even though the power was out. I grabbed it and put it against my ear. A man said “Hello darling I saw you looking at me….I’ll be there in a little bit just wait.” Then I heard the most bone chilling, hypnotic laughter that made my heart sink to my stomach. Incredibly I found enough guts to run all over my house to lock every door and windows. Than my phone rang again and I answered, it was the same guy. he said in a harsh tone “Look behind you sweetie.” Something was lodged into my throat I swallowed my saliva down and slowly turned, by every inch my fear grew. I saw a man with hair at some parts on his head, with him gripping hard on a strand of hair which lead to a head of a girl that screamed as soon I laid my eyes on it. Deep down in the depths of my heart I knew I was next and instantly fainted.

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Cindi said...

Yikes!! Very horrible! Good job!