Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Heart-Shaped Box

If you like ghosts, the paranormal and rock music, Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill is just the book for which you’ve been looking. This novel is a horror novel that will keep your hands clutched to the hard covers, fingers ready to turn the page and your mind fixed on crazy thoughts of ghosts.

Heart-Shaped Box starts with the introduction of Judas Coyne, a washed up rock star with a strange fetish for creepy gizmos and gadgets. This fetish is what basically tells the story. Jude and his assistant, Danny Wooten, stumble upon what seems to be a hoax on eBay but without hesitation, Jude says “buy it”. What he thought was a silly hoax actually turns out to be a suit encased with a trapped soul. This is no ordinary poltergeist either. It has murderous intensions.

When I was searching for a book to read, I couldn’t find one that particularly caught my interest. But once I read the words "Heart-Shaped Box" on the spine, I got the strange feeling this book would be good. Personally I am one who is interested in the paranormal and the unseen so this book was intensely fascinating. I would highly recommend Heart-Shaped Box for the people who want to give their imagination a thrill but I would not recommend reading this book if you are one who is afraid of things that go bump in the night.

John M.

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