Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Personal Computer

The book titled, The Personal Computer, is an interesting book for any computer enthusiast. In the book you as the reader learn the events the computer has gone through from viruses to simple programming. Not only do you learn about the PC you also get a brief bio of the programmers and companies that have helped the PC become what it is today. And even a law student would be interested because of all the lawsuits mentioned by the software developers. Did you know the Beatles sued Apple Computer Inc. and Microsoft got sued for including Internet Explorer with their operating system?

The book also explains how young college students were becoming millionaires overnight just by developing software for the PC at no cost to the companies. The book also talks about how Bill Gates and Paul Allen sparked interest in computers. If Bill and Paul didn’t realize until later the complicated programming involved with Altar PC, Microsoft probably would not exist as it does today. I was very entertained learning about all the hardships the now millionaires had to go through and how far computers have advanced. As the book states…in 2030 we will have computers a million times more powerful then we do today; a million is a large number.

Zachary Gebis

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