Thursday, May 21, 2009

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

Firefly Lane, by Kristin Hannah, is a story about two best friends who met on the street where they grew up, Firefly Lane. They came from completely different backgrounds and had opposite personalities. Each one wanted to be like the other but they would never admit it out loud. They supported each other through most of their lives. "Best friends forever". They'd believed it would last, that vow, that someday they'd be old women, sitting in their rocking chairs on a creaking deck, talking about the times of their lives and laughing."

As they got older, they realized they wanted different things for their lives. Kate wanted marriage and children. Tully wanted a career and fame. Even when they both succeed in their dreams, they envied each other. They lived completely opposite lives but neither one was perfect. The book shows no matter what you have, there is good and bad, but if you have no one with whom to share it, it doesn't really matter. Even when they fought, they still remembered how important their friendship was. Through the rest of their lives they continued to be best friends and supported each other through their many downfalls.

First published in February 2008, by St. Martin's Press, Firefly Lane is a book to which any girl or woman can relate. Everyone has had a best friend and knows that friendship is stronger than any other relationship. Any girl, high school and up, could find value in this story and will fly through the 528 pages. The story carries the idea of always wanting what you don't have and wishing you were something you aren't. That is an idea almost anyone can understand.

Paige L.

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