Thursday, May 21, 2009

Married to the Game by Chunichi

Chunichi did an excellent job on this sequel to "A Gangster's Girl". This book is filled with drama from the hood, to the strip club, to a gangster's life style, down to love. It has a mixture of classy females and dirty females as well. The plot: having killed the love of her life, Ceazia comes back to renew her title and destroy the relationship of her brother and her brother’s girlfriend. However, in the process, she finds herself being a mentor to her nephew's girlfriend and doesn't even realize this until the shoot out in the middle of the book. Now that Ceazia has lost everything, she goes after Vegas' brother, Snake, and desires any other man willing to keep her in designer labels. However, it'll take that perfect "trick" to get the cash she once had when she was with Vegas and she knows just how to do it. She's conniving, deceitful and sneaky. Whatever she has to do to get what she wants, whoever she brings down in the process and how ever long it takes she is willing to do just that to get what she wants. Snake's nephew, Duke, is also all wrapped up in the drama of Ceazia and Snake and many other people as well. Duke and his girlfriend, BJ, have found themselves trapped in this story of revenge, betrayal and murder- Ceazia style. While Duke is learning how to be a "man" by the streets’ stature, BJ is learning how to be a woman in Ceazia’s eyes. The end results aren’t promising at all. A gangster’s way of living and a girlfriend by day, stripper by night mentality is the road these teenagers are walking down when being mentored by Snake and Ceazia.

Ashley J.

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