Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am Legend by: Richard Matheson

Who is the real Legend?

Richard Matheson, the author of the novel "I am Legend," tells a story about how the whole human population gets infected with a disease that turns people into vampire like creatures. However, there is one man who is immune to the disease and he is Dr. Robert Neville. The main purpose of the story is how the infected creatures throughout the story try to infect Neville with their disease. But, Neville's main goal in the story is to find the cause and the cure for the disease.

The story was published in 1954 by Tom Doherty Associations Inc. The book is 315 pages long. It is a science fiction story. Overall, this is a good book. It gives a lot of good detail and information. It is also very descriptive and intense.

Tony Q.

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