Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Child Called it by Dave Pelzer

Dave Pelzer tells his story about the struggles he goes through during his childhood. One problem is with his mother's drinking and possibly drug problem. For that reason she might have abused Dave Pelzer. She treated him like a slave, possibly worse, because he hardly ever got any food. And that was the main problem he fought. He was always finding new ways to find food because he was always being starved to death. Also, she would abuse Dave really bad to the point were once she stabbed him in his chest and she tried to kill him with her homemade gas chamber. She forced him into the bathroom and filled a bucket with Clorox mixed with ammonia.
I really liked this book because there were no boring parts to the book. It had very descriptive and detailed stories. He really shows his emotions and how he feels toward the people in his life. The book always kept me hooked so it was really easy to read.

Jonny P.

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