Friday, August 16, 2013

Perfect Chemistry By Simone Elkeles

Simone Elkeles’ book, Perfect Chemistry, is a work of fiction. The book introduces us to two different types of society, the high class and the low class and this society prohibits the people to interact. This book tells about how this society affected two people’s lives, a girl named Brittany and a guy named Alex. They go to the same school and they are about to graduate. They hate each other mostly for their different social status because Brittany is rich and Alex is poor and this caused them to have a bad experience accepting each other when they first met. The incident that happened when they met was bad because Brittany was going to run over Alex’s motorcycle with him on it and his ex-girlfriend too. Their problems started when they had the same chemistry class and the teacher sat them next to each other and assigned them a project together. Because of the incident they had they did not have a good relationship and Brittany could not accept being friends with a guy like Alex. In spite of their differences, however, they made a really interesting relationship even though they had too many problems. In the end they proved their love was strong enough to overcome their differences and they put their future together and their lives together and lived happily.
Mayra G.

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