Friday, August 16, 2013

Love and Sex: Ten Stories of Truth Edited by: Michael Cart

The book I’ve read this semester is Love Sex: Ten Stories of Truth. I think this is a perfect title for this book because every story was either about the different types of love or sex. It says that every story is true but I don’t believe that because there’s one story called Lighting Bringer and it’s about a boy who can see people’s sexual aura and the guy known as Lightning has the aura to take sexual advantage of males and females. I know that story had to be fabricated in some way. Every other story besides that one seemed to be a real story about real people but after I read the Lightning Bringer story I questioned if any of the stories were real. At the end of every story there is an author follow up note about the writers of each story and it just talks about what happened to them after their stories were in the book. This book was very detailed and sometimes uncomfortable to read when certain topics about sexual preference and abortions came up. But I think, even though topics were uneasy, the wording was great to at least ease someone into the story so you knew what to expect from each story.
Tavion J.

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