Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Night Lights by H.G. Bissinger

Friday Night Lights is a work of non-fiction based on a high school football team in Texas. Permian High School is, in many ways, just like any other high school except for the fact it did not desegregate until the 70s and Permian football is a religion in Texas. This book is about the 1980 Permian Panther football team and all the iconic people and the moments that happened. Along with all of that, the author talks about what a school day is like for a Permian football player where they aren't treated like students but get special treatment just because they are on the team. This book is an account of how a football team can come together after losing their star player, James "Boobie" Miles, and overcome all adversity and still win throughout the entire season but eventually they get taken down but they fought until the end and made it a game. If you have seen the movie, Friday Night Lights, or are looking for a great sports story based on the real thing and how a team can bring change to a town then Friday Night Lights is the book for you.
Dean P.

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