Monday, June 10, 2013

Cat's Cradle By Kurt Vonnegut

Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut is a science fiction novel that tells the
story of a biographer named Jonah who is writing a book for Dr. Franklin
Hoenikker after his death. Dr. Hoenikker was a physicist who helped
create the atomic bomb. Jonah is led on a strange journey by Dr.
Hoenikker’s family which then helps him find Bokonism. Bokonism is a
religion created in the island San Lorenzo and has many odd
practices. The Hoenikker’s also have many secrets they have been hiding
that could potentially cause the end of the world. Vonnegut is great in
bringing forth humor in his novels. Many of the themes in this novel are
still relevant in today’s society. The themes of existentialism and post
modernism are seen, like in most of Vonnegut’s books, throughout Cat’s
Cradle. I recommend this book to anyone who would enjoy a different
approach to science fiction.

Jose C.

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