Monday, June 10, 2013

A Child Called By: Dave Pelzer

Dave Pelzer’s book, A Child Called It, is a work of non- fiction. This book is a great book to read if you’re one of those persons who likes to read about people’s lives. You will enjoy reading A Child Called It because it tells a story about child abuse in California caused by his own mother. He had to clean or wash dishes or whatever his mother told him to do to get something to eat. If he didn’t do whatever she told him to do he would get punished for not doing it. He was treated so badly and experienced terrible abuse when he was just a little child. While talking with his mother when doing dishes to acquire something to eat he was rewarded with the left overs of his brother’s cereal. In fact, after that he got help from his school and was removed from his home. Since then his life changed completely. There was no more abuse for him which was great because he had a better life, more safety, was healthier and was treated better. This book is a great book to read. I really recommend it to people to read because although it is a sad story involving violence and sad moments, you will love to read it. It is an emotional story that makes you think many things and react in many ways. It is a powerful book to read and I think you will enjoy it. I totally recommend this book.
Bianca E.

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