Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The World Made Straight by Ron Rash

Ron Rashs book, The World Made Straight, is a work of fiction. 

Its about a seventeen year old boy named Travis Shelton. Travis wanders into the woods near his home one day while fishing. Thats when he discovers a patch of marijuana plants big enough to make him a lot of money. On his third trip up to the patch of pot plants, he steps right into the jaws of a bear trap. 

After hours on the forest floor, he is released from the bear trap and brought into the house of the farmer who set the trap. Before he is brought to the hospital, the farmer, Carlton Toomey, cuts Travis’ Achilles tendon in half with his pocket knife as a lesson for him to keep his mouth shut about the plants. 

Shortly after that, Travis moved out of his parents’ house to live with Leonard Shuler, a one-time school teacher who now deals a little pot and pills to make ends meet. Travis becomes his student, of sorts, and these two outsiders become increasingly involved as they learn about the communitys violent past and the corrupt present with which they have to deal.
Tommy K.

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