Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tech Tues: Cyber bullying Prevention

Did you know that 43% of high school teens have been victims of cyber bullying in the last year? This information is provided by Enough is Enough,  Internet Safety 101. 

Bullying no longer thrives in our unguarded hallways but online via cell phones, internet, or gaming systems. Don't become another statistic.Here are four ways you can protect yourself from online abuse:
  • Never give out personal information online including your name, address, phone number, school’s name or credit card numbers
  • Don’t share photos of yourself online that you wouldn't share with your parents. Know that everything you share online is permanent including Aps as “Snap Chat” 
  • Never arrange face-to-face meetings with someone you met online
  • Block any unfriendly person from contacting you on your phone, email, and from all social media accounts, Twitter, FB, You Tube, etc.
Keep yourself informed and prevent yourself from becoming a statistic: Go to Wired Safety or Stop Cyber Bullying for more information on staying safe online

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