Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beastly by Alex Flinn

I don't like this book; I loved this book. It is a wonderful love story that caught my attention on each and every page. I didn’t get tired of it and it didn’t bore me to death. It's a very surprising book and I can picture every piece of work in my head as if I was watching the movie in my head. It is that good.

I think other students would like this book because it is not only a love story but it also teaches a lesson that ugly people do have happy endings and they deserve to live no matter the appearance of their face. This book teaches that lesson to many people. That is why I think many people would like this book.

Beastly is a well-written love story by Alex Flinn. The characters are like those in the movie. But in the book, the main character changes his name differently than in the movie. This boy used to be very popular but he actually gets bad luck because he mistreats many people and he is harsh. One day a witch named Kendra, in the form of a human, puts a spell on him and she turns him into a beast. Now Kyle changes his name to Adrian. He has two years to find true love to break the spell. 

Kyle’s father is a famous news reporter who believes no one should be ugly and if they are, they shouldn't live. So Mr. Kingsbury tries his hardest to find a doctor to help his son not to be so ugly. Since that doesn't work, he locks his son in an abandoned home forever. Sound a little bit familiar? Well it should as this is a modern way of retelling The Beauty and the Beast Disney movie. 

The beast is locked up and isn't able to go out and live. Instead he is locked up doing things he hasn't done in a long time such as planting and reading so he lost his social skills. Similar to the movie, there is a way to break this terrible spell. A woman has to truly love this beast for what he is inside and not by his looks. All these main characters change their way of thinking and they become caring, loving creatures. 

Beastly is a novel written with emotion and well-expressed detail about the characters in the book. This boy changes in so many ways it is unbelievable. Adrian becomes someone he isn't and finds his true meaning in life instead of making fun of poor and ugly people like he used to do. Adrian’s girlfriend’s name is Lindy and she is the daughter of a crack head. When the dad was caught breaking and entering Adrian’s home they made a trade. Adrian wouldn't call the cops on him so then the dad would give up his daughter to be a beast and that’s how Lindy became Adrian’s prisoner. 

This book was well written and similar to The Beauty and the Beast. If you loved that movie wait until you see the new modern one.

Priscilla R.

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