Thursday, May 2, 2013

Annotated Abraham Lincoln Nominees(IPart 3)

This week I am posting part three of a series of posts about the 2013-14 Abraham Lincoln Nominees. When we are done, we will have a complete list of annotated titles for students and teachers. There are some great books this year. So, please, read on!

Across the universe by Beth Revis 
Amy didn't want to go at first, but staying meant she would never see her parents again. All she had to do was be cryogenically frozen. She and her parents were to wake up 300 years later where they would help colonize a new planet, but 50 years early she is woken up and it was no accident. She is now living among the crew of the ship and one of them is trying to kill off the frozen colonists. One by one.

Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick
It begins with a camping trip. Alex is taking one last adventure into the woods before the terminal brain cancer she has been diagnosed with ends her life. When an electromagnetic pulse blasts across the U.S. knocking out all electronic devices, the world is suddenly changed. She finds out that some adolescents have become the Changed, flesh-eating beasts (yep, zombies). She and two other survivors form a makeshift family who do their best to survive this new world.

Five flavors of dumb by Antony John 
A deaf girl would probably not be your first choice to manage your garage band. But then again, Dumb, the most recent winner of Seattle’s Battle of the Bands contest, wouldn't be Piper’s choice of a band to manage either. The band members are a bunch of misfits who can barely get along. But if Piper can get them a paying gig in the next month and hold the band together at the same time, she may be able to earn enough to cover college tuition and actually have the future of her dreams.

How to save a life by Sara Zarr 
Jill has been running away from her life ever since her dad died. In her grief, she has pushed away her mom, her boyfriend and her friends for a year. Mandy is trying to start her life over by
giving her unborn baby up for adoption.The two girls couldn't be more different. When Jill’s mom has offered to adopt the baby, Jill thinks it’s end of the world, but could it be the key to healing them all?

Stupid Fast by Geoff Herbach
Felton Reinstein has never had it easy. Just look at his name--Felton. Even worse than this is nickname, Squirrel Nut. Felton has always been kind of nervous, skinny and socially awkward. It could be because of his dysfunctional family. His mom is mentally ill, his younger brother is a needy, insecure piano prodigy.And his dad committed suicide when Felton was five. Felton was the one who found the body. But for some reason, in his sophomore year of high school, puberty practically steamrolls him. He shoots to over six feet tall and becomes super fast. He is now a star football player and sprinter with tons of friends and hot new girl who wants to date him. God help the stupid fast, but clueless kid.

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