Monday, April 15, 2013

A Child Called It by David Pelzer

A Child Called It by David Pelzer is a book about Dave’s horrible past. Dave talks about how his mother changed drastically over time from a sweet loving mother to an evil witch who tortured him past his breaking point. Despite his brutal beatings, Dave managed to survive well after he lost all hope that one day he would be free to live a normal life. Thanks to his school administrators, especially the nurse, Dave is set free from his mother because of some child abuse charges. 

I would recommend this book because of the unheard of torture methods on a child. I believe this book would also help people become more aware of child abuse and help fight child abuse. I was shocked just by the way his mother would do such hideous things to him that would probably have been done only to a prisoner of war. But, yet again, Dave was fighting a war for his freedom. Dave was a very brave boy who lost hope at the end of the battle but surprisingly, when he did not expect it, his day of freedom came.

Damian G.

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