Friday, March 8, 2013

Why I Fight by J. Adams Oaks

J. Adams Oaks' book, Why I Fight, is a realistic fiction book. If you are a person who enjoys watching battles such as UFC fights, boxing fights or WWE you will enjoy reading Why I Fight because this book tells you the story of a gentlemen who decides to bare-fist fight to get money. At the age of twelve, Wyatt decides to leave his house because he does not get along with his parents and his house burned down one day. Wyatt decides to move out and go live with his Uncle Spade. Spade was a man who had his house but he would move in and out of town a lot. Wyatt decided to move in with him regardless of the fact Spade traveled a lot. Spade knew of the skill Wyatt had. Fighting for money was something stuck in Spade’s head. Wyatt began to fight in the streets and he began to make money not only for himself but for Spade as well. After a certain fight Wyatt won Spade began to have problems. Spade began to drink, argue with people and fight outside the boxing cage where Wyatt would fight. These actions caused problems not only for Spade but for Wyatt too. Wyatt then began to get annoyed and he ended up leaving Uncle Spade to go back with his family. He thought that moment would  never come but eventually it did and he liked the fact he was back with his family. Although Wyatt was happy there, he could not help the fact he felt weird being with them and sometimes he felt less happy than at other times. This is how this book concludes with Wyatt being with his family and getting things together.
Diego M.

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