Friday, March 8, 2013

Max Brooks' World War Z

Max Brooks' World War Z is a horror, post-apocalyptic book. This book is not a zombie outburst but it is rather about how people experienced the Great Panic. The author interviews different people to find out what they were doing during the outburst. It is a document of the people who had changed the war and what they saw during the war. During the first battle in >the war in the United States, no matter how many times they bombed the undead they were still coming at them. Or near the end the U.N. decided to fight back to take back their home and had an all-out assault. When the soldiers are fighting to take back their home the civilians fight to survive. One group of people stayed at the rich person’s house shooting any undead who got close to the house. This is a very good book and I do recommend it. The only problem with the book is the person’s story is very interesting and you wonder what’s going to happen next and then it ends. It sometimes ends in the middle of the person’s story so that’s the only problem with the book.

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