Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tech Tip: Never Lose A Web Page Or PDF During Research Again (by Using Noodle Tools)

All of us have probably had the experience of having a web page disappear after we visited it. If this happens with a source you need for your research, it can cause an outright panic. Noodle Tools has a new feature that will prevent this problem Through a partnership with iCyte.com,  you can archive, highlight and annotate any web page or pdf file. That way, even if the original disappears, you have your own stored copy.

You will need a Noodle Tools account and a citation to work with if you want to use the iCyte tool. If you need help with the Noodle Tools basics, check with Mr. Bodwell or Mrs. Leahy for more information.

Using iCyte in you Noodle Tools account

1. Find the citation in your Noodle Tools project list that you want to use to create your archived and annotated page. Click the Archive & annotate page link.You may be required to your sign in using your Noodle Tools credentials again.

2. The first time you use this feature, you will have to add the iCyte button to your Favorites Bar.(If you don't know how to use your Favorites bar, check out our video on the subject). The iCyte Install Bookmarklet page will pop up on the screen . 

3. Drag the Cyte This button on to your Favorites bar. Then close the window using the blue CLOSE button.

4. If you want, highlight an important text passage on the page. 

5. Click the Cyte This button in your Favorites bar. A Create Cyte box will pop up on the page. Notice that the Title, Project and associated citation are all automatically added. You can also add notes to the page capture as well. Save the Cyte and then close the page.

6. In your Noodle Tools account, you will see that the citation says View archived page.Click on the link and you will see a saved copy of the page.

7. The archived page will have the iCyte bar across the top of the page and the section you highlighted.

8. The toolbar on the right side of the bar allows you to hide the highlight, expand the toolbar (so you can see your added notes), or see the original page.

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