Thursday, December 6, 2012

Recommended Reading: Hard Knock LIfe

Here are five true stories about teenagers who grew up in a world of gangs, drugs and violence. All eventually found their way out to a successful life away from the streets.

365.42 HEN
Henry, Nathan L. 
Good behavior.
In jail at 16 for armed robbery, tales of a rough life filled with guns, drugs, and violence, Henry reflects from jail on his life so far.

B DeLaCruz,J
De la Cruz, Jesse. 
Detoured : My Journey from Darkness to Light. 
Jesse De La Cruz grew up in the barrios of California leading a life that led to him to become a convict heroin addict and gang member. He eventually served about thirty years of his life in prison. He eventually enrolled in college and graduated with bachelors and masters degrees.

B McCall,N
McCall, Nathan. 
Makes Me Wanna Holler : A Young Black Man  in America. 
McCall’s story takes us through his troubled childhood, to prison and finally to a successful career as a journalist at the Washington Post.

B Rodriguez,L
Rodriguez, Luis J.
Always Running : La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A. 
By the time he was 12, Rodriguez was a veteran East L.A. gang member. He witnessed many shootings, beatings and arrests as he lost an ever greater number of family and friends. He eventually was able to break out of the gang life and become an award winning writer.

B Ruiz,M
Ruiz, Mona. 
Two Badges : The Lives of Mona Ruiz.
Ruiz has been a gang member, high school dropout, disowned by her family, an abused wife and a mother on welfare. But finally, she overcame all obstacles and became a police officer serving her community.

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