Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Devil’s Daughter
      Have you ever felt angry and happy at the same time? In this story you will find things that are weird but natural at the same time. This story is about Lucy, who was a good girl. But one day something happened to her, and it changed her life. She was a little girl, her hair was wavy, and she loved to play with dolls.  She lived near a dark and noisy area. She had a family made up of her grandmother and her grandfather.
      It was a normal day. Lucy and her grandmother were in the cemetery, and Lucy found an old, dirty doll. Her grandma said that the doll probably belonged to some other girl who must have dropped it. So they looked everywhere to see if there was someone who claimed the doll. Actually her grandmother was not thrilled for her grandaughter to keep this object of strange origin, but since they didn’t find anyone who claimed the doll, Lucy took it home. The first few days, excited about her new doll, she talked to herself in her room and played. Grandma listened as the girl was playing in her room. But gradually Lucy was becoming mouthy and spoiled and even began to stop eating. When Grandma asked why she didn’t eat. Lucy replied, “Because the doll doesn’t want to eat. If I do the doll will stick me.” The grandmother obviously didn’t believe her and she said to Lucy, “Stick you? Stop playing and eat because dolls don’t talk,” but Lucy kept saying that she was definitely talking to her doll.  Read more...

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Anonymous said...

It was a sad story but at the same time is true that we shouldn't take someone's things.i liked your story..