Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dare to Scare by Jelipe

Terror in the Night
     One dark night there were some elves living in the middle of the forest. There always was fog and in the night all you could hear were creepy songs. Six men decided to go to hunt some animals in the middle of the forest; they didn’t know that there were some elves there. When they were walking to the forest, one elf was behind a tree watching them. The elf disappeared in the fog, then a strong wind began and creepy songs started. The six hunters thought that something was wrong. They were afraid so they started running into the middle of the forest, into the fog. A few minutes later, they got lost because of the fog and two of them were separated from the group. The elf that had disappeared went to his little village and told the others elves that there were people in their forest. When they knew that there were humans there, they got angry. The leader of village got together with his evil elves to go and find the intruders. Some elves took spears, knives, and ropes to capture them. Read more...

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Anonymous said...

I love that the elves are people, too!