Friday, October 28, 2011

Writing Better Emails: #5 And the Rest...

#5 And the Rest..

Try to match the tone and style of the person you are corresponding with—especially if the person is a superior or someone you are trying to impress. If they reply to your 4 paragraph e-mail with a single line, pay attention to this and write shorter e-mails when corresponding with them.

Don’t forward an unanswered email to the person with a note asking them to address it. This could be perceived as rude. It is better to say, “I know you are busy, but did you get my last e-mail that I wrote about …”

Try to respond in a reasonable amount of time; in most cases, this means you should reply within in 24-48 hours, but that may depend on the context of the situation. You might indicate an estimated time that you will reply to the person if it is longer than a day or two.

If you are forwarding or responding to a message, don’t change the wording of the original message.  If you want to repost a message to a group was sent to you individually, ask the writer permission to do so and make sure to give proper attribution to the information.

That is the end of our discussion on writing better emails. Please make sure to send us your feeback by email or through comments on the posts.
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