Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dare to Scare by James

Try Your Luck

It was a regular morning day. My dad was reading the morning paper in the kitchen, eating his cereal when he said, Son, did you know that some kids died on the train tracks almost 25 years ago, right here, two houses away on Geneva Street by the football field? They say that if you go there at 12:00 at night -only on Friday nights or it won‟t work- you have to dial 666 on your phone and you put your car in neutral. You can feel how the car moves. Ha, ha! I‟m just kidding, son. None of that is real. But like every kid, I thought my dad was just saying that to make me feel better, and not be scared.
The next night, a Friday, I was driving around with my friends, telling them about the story my dad had told him the previous week. James, the one who was driving, said, Are you guys down to check if it‟s real? All of us said yes with a little fear. Bob took out his smart phone. What number should I dial? Diego, the kid next to me, said 666, but wait till 12:00. Bob, in the passenger seat, said, I‟m going to video tape this. If it does happen I am putting it on YouTube or FaceBook. It was 30 seconds to 12. Diego dialed the number 666 on his phone. Bob got his camera ready, then it hit 12. Diego called but nothing happened. We waited for 5 minutes. Nothing happened. Then we saw black smoke coming from our right side. James tried to put the car in drive but the car didn‟t move. The doors locked, the windows went up. We all screamed for help but no one was out that night. We couldn‟t do anything but wait for the weird smoke to get to us. Read the rest of the story


Anonymous said...

dear jaime cross scary story

Olive said...

dear jaime cross scary story

Anonymous said...

dsv df

Laura Krystel Mendoza SaldaƱa said...

It's beautiful.
I like the 666 part. Im going to do that in my iphone

CESAR6000 said...

is cool

Cindi said...

No way am I parking there.

Jen said...

I like the fact that you set it in West Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Great scory man!

Mrs. Stefancic said...

James you wrote a very scary story! Have you seen the movie Munger Road yet? It is set in St. Charles!