Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

The author, Stephenie Meyer, wrote the Twilight series including Twilight New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I read the last book, Breaking Dawn. This book is about Bella and Edward finally getting married. It’s the gossip of the town, Forks. Some people say they are getting married because Bella is probably pregnant or they say they are getting married because they truly love each other. After the wedding Bella and Edward go on their honeymoon to Isle Esme, an island in the Atlantic Ocean near the equator. Edward finally overcomes his fear of hurting Bella while making love to her. Bella and Edward finally make love to each other. Then, suddenly something unexpected happens; Bella starts getting sick. What could it be? Edward finally finds out what’s wrong with Bella. She’s pregnant. Edward wants to kill what’s growing inside of Bella because whatever it is it’s killing Bella. Bella doesn’t want to kill it, whatever happens to her happens; she wants the baby to live at all cost. When they finally fly back to Forks Bella tells her dad, Charlie, she caught a disease on their honeymoon and she won’t be able to see him for awhile. Jacob gets desperate because he thinks Bella has become a vampire. When he goes to visit Bella he gets a huge surprise when he sees Bella with her big crooked, unshaped stomach. Finally, Bella has her baby girl, Renesmee, a name combined together after Bella’s mom and Edward’s mom. When the Volturi, the leaders of the vampire world, find out they come to destroy the baby. Since they want to destroy the baby a war is about to begin. The Volturi then decide not to kill Renesmee. How will their lives be now? How does it end? Find out by reading the entire book.

Mary R.

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