Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Salt By: Maurice Gee.

SALT By: Maurice Gee.

Salt is a fiction book that got my attention when I saw it because the cover looked like it was an interesting book to read. The book cover had a hunting knife. This book is about two characters who got enslaved by a company and had to work in a place called Deep Salt. One of them is named Hari and the other one is Tarl.

Tarl gets captured and sent to Deep Salt were no one comes out alive. Although no one ever came out alive from that place before Tarl proved them wrong thanks to Hari. Hari later came to rescue him from Deep Salt. Hari had to go through a long journey to help Tarl escape from Deep Salt. And even though it's hard for Hari to help Tarl he knows he can do it and he can't let Tarl down.

Hari had a long journey to go through but he was able to make it because Hari was tough, smart and also had a gift of being able to talk to animals. If you like fiction, action and want to know how this journey ends check out this book and find out.

Jose R.

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