Friday, March 19, 2010

Wolf Cry by Amelia Atwater Rhodes

Amelia Atwater Rhodes’ book titled “Wolf Cry” is fiction. If you’ve read the book “Tithe” written by Holly Black, you will enjoy this book because both books are similar. They are about love and adventure. “Wolf Cry” is about a husband and his wife who lose their house because they are poor. They start to live on the streets. The husband tries to find a job but because he is not healthy since he is not eating, he dies. His wife is depressed and sad because now she is all alone and pregnant. She gets frustrated because she doesn't know what to do with her baby girl, Oliza. She has no money.

One morning she abandons Oliza in a big deep forest. Oliza started to cry and a falcon sees her and raises Oliza. The falcon is a human with wings and big claws. They teach Oliza everything she is supposed to know such as, "never talk to serpents because they are enemies." Oliza starts to wonder off into the forest to see what new things she can find. One night she sees a serpent guy who is swimming around in the river. She is really curious about him because he is beautiful and has a human body. Instead of legs he had a serpent's tail. He sees her spying on him and he asks her what her name is and why she is spying on him. She said she never saw anything so colorful.

Urban, the cobra guy, says he also likes his colors, specifically the black and yellow mixed together with the red. They started to see each other every day at the edge of the river. Oliza and Urban start to fall in love but since they are forbidden to see each other, they get a wolf to send love messages to each other. But one day the adopted parents of both of them find out and decide to kill them. When they di, the wolf started to cry because he was now alone and sad with no owner.

Vanessa M.

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