Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two Badges: The Lives of Mona Ruiz by Ramona Ruiz

Wow! This book was great! There's a short story behind how it got into my hands. It was sophomore year and I was sitting in Saturday school, not really doing anything, when all of a sudden this one teacher approached me and handed me “Two Badges: The Lives of Mona Ruiz”. I pretended I was reading but really I was taking a nap. So I took it home and just threw it on top of my dresser. Ever since then it has been sitting there until Mrs. Cobbett, my Writer's Workshop teacher, gave us a reading assignment. I went home after the school day was over and came back with the book.

I started reading and right after the first chapter, I could not stop. It was so intriguing! This book is the true story of a gang banger-turned-cop. Ramona Sandoval begins with one under-cover mission at her old stomping grounds. The under-cover operation was a success but Little John appeared. It was the first time the drug junkie had appeared in front of Mona since she had left the gang scene almost a decade earlier. While in high school, Mona met Frankie at a party and after a couple of months, they moved in together. They eventually had three kids together but Frankie became abusive toward Mona and she had to get out of that situation. She needed a job so she went to the police station. While there she met many officers and sergeants willing to help her. They provided her with information and economic support. She realized her wildest dream was becoming a reality. She was now a Santa Ana Police Officer. The rest…well check out the book and you'll find out. I have so much I can say about this book but you have to read it on your own! It will be worth it! As you are reading, you feel as if you are there with Mona.

Rosa D.

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