Thursday, March 18, 2010

Red Rider’s Hood by Neal Shusterman

Neal Shusterman's book called "Red Rider's Hood" is a written work of fiction. If you enjoy reading fiction books, you will enjoy reading this book because it talks about gangs and different decisions you make in life, the good side or the bad side.

Red comes from a family in which his grandparents were werewolf hunters. His grandpa died after getting bitten by a werewolf, so he killed himself to avoid hurting his family. His grandma is still alive. After his grandparents killed all the werewolves in the past, a grandson of the leader comes back to make his own gang, "The Wolves". In real life they are truly Werewolves at the full moon. The Wolves lock Red's grandma in the basement. Red goes in the house and gets tricked and they steal his grandma's money and Red's car which he loved a lot. In order to get revenge, Red becomes a Wolf pledge to find out how he can defeat them. However, he becomes one of them and sees himself as part of the pack. In the end, he has two choices; betray his family and become a full Wolf or end everything to keep people safe from the Wolves. So he decides to help out and exterminate the Wolves.

Oraldo P.

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