Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lips Touched Three Times – Laini Taylor

This book is a fiction novel. It has a lot of vivid details about the characters and because it is a fiction novel it has a lot of mystical creatures. This book actually has three stories and they always start with pictures. The topic all the stories have in common is they all have something to do with love and romance.

The first story has to do with a girl who describes herself and her family as a gypsy family. She is very different from the girls at her school and the goblins know that. The goblins play a big role in the story because she ends up falling in love with one of them without even knowing it.

The second story has to do with a girl who was cursed since she was a baby. She has the most wonderful voice in the world but if she uses it, anyone who hears her will die. A soldier falls in love with her and at first he never believed in the curse but when he did, it was too late.

The last story is the best story but you will have to read the book to find out why. I really enjoyed this book because I am into romance and love stories. If you are into mystical fiction love stories, I really recommend this book as it is a must read.

Karen M.

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