Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First Date by R.L. Stine

This book is about a girl who plays the saxophone and is in a band and she has never been on a date. She has a best friend, Nina, who has a boyfriend and is very popular. They are best friends even though they are different. Then a guy arrives at her homeroom in school and he is so shy but has very warm eyes. She starts to like him. She works in a restaurant and she works with his dad. Then a new guy goes there; his name is Sparks and he is very cute. So she has a crush on both Sparks and Will. But one of them is a killer and you can't really tell which one. One of them is so nice and one is very mean. Then an FBI agent comes and describes a guy they are trying to catch. She thinks it is Sparks but in reality it is Will, the nice guy. She pretends to be dead and Nina comes over and Will wants to kill her because she knows the truth about him. Then Chelsea comes over and saves her friend. The FBI arrives and takes the guy. In the end, Chelsea and Sparks stay together and Nina thanks Chelsea for saving her life.

Diana (Sonia) P.

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