Thursday, October 22, 2009


This book is about Clay Jensen, a generally nice boy who receives a surprise gift on his doorstep. A shoebox was propped up at an angle on his doorstep. Inside the box were several tapes and a map with bright red stars in certain spots. Recently, his classmate (and crush), Hannah Baker, had committed suicide. No one really knew why she did this to herself but the true reason was on these tapes.

Throughout the story, Jay Asher leads you on a suspenseful journey as Hannah's voice eerily plays through Clay's headphones. He follows each location where Hannah tells him to go because at each location there’s a story or a twist that explains one of the thirteen reasons why she killed herself.

As the story continues, Hannah explains if the listener receives the tapes that meant he or she was on it. Clay's heart stops in an instant. This leaves you in awe about this girl's hard life. It makes your anticipation boil with every turn of the page. It makes you wait to hear about Clay's affiliation in this girl's death.

Jay Asher did a fabulous job in description, in point of view and descriptive action. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I couldn't put it down for a second and I ended up finishing this book in just two days. I guarantee every student will love this book. As a high school student myself, I can relate to Hannah Baker and hardships with friends, drama, partying, etc. Thirteen Reasons Why is a must-read book!

China W.

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